MSNBC Host Plays Race Card, Likens Gov. Perry’s Use of Nat’l Guard to 1960s-Era Segregation

MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry, Plays Race Card, Likens Perry’s Use of Nat’l Guard to 1960s-Era Segregation

Melissa Harris-Perry is well known for playing the race card.  Put aside that its shameless, and shows her to be a divisive, nauseating black racist.  The fact is, her comparison here is intellectually dishonest and historically challenged.  Gov. Perry is calling up the National Guard in Texas to help secure his state against a continued invasion of illegals from OUTSIDE of America.  Illegals are NOT U.S. citizens and, as such, have no rights.  They’re very presence here is a FELONY; hence the term ILLEGAL aliens.  And, right now, they are violating our laws and flooding our country by the hundreds of thousands.  If these were tens of thousands of Chinese or N. Koreans, we’d call it an act of war.  And, because Obama (and the federal government) has FAILED to do its job and protect our borders, Gov. Perry is exercising leadership and doing what he can using Texas state resources to protect the borders from further/continued invasion by these illegals.  That has NOTHING to do with domestic segregation (especially in the southern states) laws and the turmoil that existed here in the ’60s.  There is no comparison.  They have nothing to do with one another.  Shame on MSNBC for allowing her to spew such divisive, historically inaccurate, racially-charged nonsense.  She should be fired.  But, that’s what you get over at MSNBC.  Heck, they gave Al Sharpton a show.  And, like Al, Melissa is a pathetic, racist, tool.

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