A Thumbs-up for NSA Internet Spying on Foreigners

A Thumbs-up for NSA Internet Spying on Foreigners

A smart decision…  After all, foreigners here in America do NOT have the same rights that we enjoy here.  They do NOT have a right to privacy.  Its truly breathtaking how dumb some of these so-called “activists” are.  The NSA, CIA, DIA, and other (“alphabet soup”) agencies of the Intelligence Community (IC) exist to protect us.  Their job is to collect intel (i.e. useful information) on foreigners, especially those from countries that MIGHT do us harm, and get that intel to our decision makers (i.e. the President and federal legislators in Congress).  So, this is perfectly reasonable, and makes all the common sense in the world.  Ever since that little weasel Snowden violated his non-disclosure agreement last year (for which he should be brought up on charges of treason and executed), all hell has reigned down on NSA.  And so the NSA and the rest of IC have been the target of non-stop abuse, and downright persecution, from the media and politicians piling on the band wagon.  Sure, there probably could be some better processes put in place to ensure that the civil liberties of American citizens (within reason) are respected, and those charged with oversight could probably do a better job.  I think MOST people would agree with that.  However, the greater picture is that there are thousands of intel professionals out there every day working hard to make sure another 9/11 doesn’t occur.  And the only way for that to happen, is for us to step back and let them do their job (instead of hounding them and tying their hands behind their back)…and maybe thank them, as we stop at our local coffee shop and get a latte…without getting blown up.  We’re a society full of self-centered, and self-righteous spoiled brats.  Its nauseating..

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