Gun makers flee Northeast for ‘true blood Second Amendment’ states

Gun makers flee Northeast for ‘true blood Second Amendment’ states

This all makes perfect sense.  Several northeastern blue, Dem-controlled states like CT and NY that have high taxes and are not gun-friendly, have been passing a LOT of anti 2nd Amendment laws the last several years.  So, these gun companies are making a purely logical business decision and moving their companies (and jobs!) to southern “red” states where the taxes are low, and the laws friendly toward the gun industry.  Simple supply and demand economics; something Dems like Obama and Harry Reid could learn a thing or two from.  Only a year ago Magpul (which makes high-capacity gun magazines) pulled out of Colorado, where I live, because of a couple anti-gun bills passed by the Dem-controlled state legislature, and signed into law by our Democrat hippie-in-chief, Gov. John Hickenlooper.  So, Magpul up and took their operations, and their jobs, to neighboring Wyoming.  Smooth move, Hickenlooper!  Businesses are in business to make money; make a profit…and, heck, to exist.  They don’t exist to be a charity.  Imagine that!!  So, they’ll do business where its most beneficial for them economically, and frankly where its legal to make their products.  If they make a 32-round magazine for an AR, but the plant exists in a state where you can’t buy a mag that holds more than 15 rounds (a bizarre, arbitrary number that only Dem politicians could come up with), then there is no point in being there. That’s why Magpul left Colorado.  While I was sorry to see them leave, I can’t blame them one bit.  If I was the owner, I’d do the same thing. 

As an aside, I recently saw a graph comparing the economies of Texas and California.  It was a devastating statistical comparison.  On the one hand you have a state like TX with very low taxes, low unemployment, low crime, very little in the area of cumbersome red tape/regulations that impinge on freedoms and business….and the state budget has a surplus.  Imagine that!  Then on the complete other/opposite side of the economic spectrum you have California, a decisively “blue” Dem controlled state where the state taxes (of all kinds; income, sales, property, etc.) are sky-high, unemployment is high, there are more rules and regulations about, well, everything, and companies are leaving the state in droves because of how business Unfriendly the state is….oh..and the state is billions in debt; on the verge of bankruptcy.  Gee..  What are the odds?

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