Democrats Put Cochran Over the Top

Democrats Put Cochran Over the Top

While this is technically an Op/Ed piece by John Fund…its 100% true.  And, John doesn’t really even address the fact that its ILLEGAL for Dems to vote in a GOP primary.  But, that’s what happened here.  As we documented earlier, there was a concerted effort by predominantly black Dem registered voters in Mississippi to help Thad win his GOP primary and keep challenger Chris McDaniel at bay.  Had the reverse happened, I’m SURE that AG Eric Holder would use all the resources at the Justice Department to make it some racial, voter fraud thing.  But, the GOP establishment in D.C. got in bed with the MS Dem party to ensure their boy was re-elected.  Totally outrageous!  Shame on Thad, and shame on all of those Dems who knowingly inserted themselves into another party’s primary.    Unfortunately since the federal AG is a Dem, and the AG for Mississippi is a Dem, I doubt anything will be done.  Although, the MS state Secretary of State is a Republican..  So, I guess anything is possible.  And there is now a movement for Chris McDaniel to run as a write-in candidate in the November general election.  Either way, if Thad IS re-elected in Nov., I really hope the good people of Mississippi will hold his feet to the fire with EVERY vote he casts.  Guess we’ll see…

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