NASA says Russia alone can’t end International Space Station work

NASA says Russia alone can’t end International Space Station work

Someone needs to ask Charlie Bolden to clarify his statement, “There is no single partner that can terminate the international space station.”  Does that mean that IF Russia pulls out (which they’ve threatened to do already), will the U.S. continue anyway, regardless? Its critical that we secure a definitive yes or no to that question, for the record.  Our NASA and over all space policy/direction has been without focus or direction from day one.  And, Charlie Bolden has shown himself to be an inept director who makes poor decision after poor decision.  The cancelling of the space shuttle without having a viable backup plan, and leaving our human travel in the hands of the Russians has proven to be disaster.  And that’s just one of many.  NASA is a very bloated and bureaucratic organization.  It needs to be streamlined, given clear direction and focus, and then funded better.  Space has taken on a whole new level of criticality.  And, we can no longer afford to have keystone cops in charge there.

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