‘Legitimate Concerns’ Why cooperate with Putin’s propaganda?

‘Legitimate Concerns’ Why cooperate with Putin’s propaganda?

Again, this President is in WAY over his head and has NO clue how to deal with Vlad.  Obama is a lawyer by trade, and then as a legislator.  All they do is negotiate all day long and compromise.  Obama continues to take Vlad’s calls.  Why?!?  Prior to his becoming President he had no executive (i.e. Governor, CEO, etc.) or leadership (i.e. military officer, etc) experience whatsoever; the kind of qualities really requisite for the job .   So, he doesn’t know how to draw a line in the sand and stick to it, no matter what.  Look how his “red line” in Syria worked out.  What an embarrassment.  So, Vlad continues to ignore Obama’s hollow and empty threats, because he recognizes Obama’s weakness.  Meanwhile, the poor people of Ukraine are pleading for our help, and Georgia, Maldova, and Estonia (in addition to the rest of Ukraine) is on pins and needles worried about what Vlad’s next move will be…and our limp wristed, metro-sexual, man-child of a President is paralyzed and doesn’t know what to do.  Europe needs American leadership.  And all we have to offer is indecision, paralysis, and the sounds of crickets.. 

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