Month: March 2014

EPA Raids Ammunition Component Factory in Montana

EPA Raids Ammunition Component Factory in Montana

This is the thug tactics we’ve come to expect from the EPA and ATF.  They’re doing everything they can to go after companies they don’t like.  So, they come up with bs reasons like this one.  Its the kinda thing we’d expect in some banana republic or in Vlad’s Russia.  We expect more in America.  But, this is the sorta thing that Obama, a product of Chicago-thug politics, knows best. 

Enforcement ‘Crisis’? Documents show 68,000 ‘criminal aliens’ released last year

Enforcement ‘Crisis’? Documents show 68,000 ‘criminal aliens’ released last year

Just a follow up to an earlier story/posting.  It truly is nauseating how the Obama Administration has failed in one of its primary duties of enforcing federal laws on the books.  That’s what the Executive branch of our federal government is supposed to do.  And while some who read this blog are for leniency toward illegal aliens (and I’m not), this goes MUCH farther.  These are already “criminal aliens” that have been convicted of crimes.  So, they should either be in prison or deported to their country of origin.  AND, if that country of origin is Mexico…it should be deep into the interior of Mexico; not just walked across the border…so they can walk right back.   Ridiculous..